Nov 16 – Stand Up! Fight Back! Macalester Activists Speak

Tuesday, November 16
Macalester College @ Davis Court, Markim Hall (the new IGC building, corner of Grand & Snelling), Saint Paul, MN

Event flyer PDF

In the aftermath of the horrifying crimes of September 11, 2001, the United States Congress passed a number of pieces of legislation, including the Patriot Act (I and II) and the Military Commissions Act.  The Executive Branch also instituted various and unusual “initiatives,” which have been upheld by the Judiciary.  These new laws and practices are stripping away protections guaranteed in the US Constitution. What rights have US citizens, immigrants, and others lost in the “war on terror”? How can we maintain and regain our rights?

Macalester alumni are on the front line in the battle for our rights, including the right to unionize for a better, more secure life; to demonstrate for vital causes; and to speak truth to power. Come hear whats been going on. Speakers include Meredith (targeted by recent FBI raids on peace and justice activists), Erik (active in fighting for collective bargaining rights for Jimmy Johns workers), Luce (one of the RNC 8.)

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