Nov 29 – 7 pm – Grand Jury Resistance Training

At May Day Books 301 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454

In the last week of September, 14 anti-war and international solidarity activists were hit with Grand Jury subpoenas. After informing the prosecutor that they were all going to plead the Fifth, the subpoenas were canceled. But recently, three of the activists have been notified that their subpoenas will soon be reactivated.

It is critical that radicals, activists, and supporters of those targeted understand the use of this shadowy institution–the Grand Jury–including the “rights” they grant us and the rights we claim for ourselves.

Carrie Feldman, a local activist and former member of the Coldsnap Legal Collective, will be speaking about what a grand jury is, how they have been used to target radical movements, and her experience resisting a federal grand jury investigation into the animal liberation movement.

Stop the FBI harassment! Say no to government repression of activists!

For more information on the recent raids and subpoenas into the anti-war movement, visit:

For more information about Carrie’s case, visit:

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