May 27: Protest U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder!

Flyer PDF: full page | half page

Solidarity is NOT a Crime!
Protest U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Friday, May 27th

Leafleting & picket: 8:30 am
Rally: 10:30-11:30
McNamara Alumni Center, University of MN
200 Oak Street SE, Minneapolis (

This is a critical opportunity for all supporters of civil liberties and the anti-war movement to come out to demand an end to FBI and grand jury repression of local activists. Attorney General Holder can call this off – and he’s coming to us! He will be speaking at a conference and receiving an award. Help us take this opportunity to publicize his record!

In September of 2010, 14 peace and international solidarity activists in the Midwest, most from Minneapolis, were subpoenaed to testify at a secret grand jury investigating them for material support for terrorism. The FBI also raided the homes of 6 local activists and the MN Anti-War Committee’s office. And in December, 9 more activists were subpoenaed. All have refused to testify because this is an attack on our First Amendment rights to protest, to free speech and to assemble. They refuse to participate in a McCarthy style witch hunt! These activists face potential jail time for refusing to testify against their fellow activists in the U.S. and in war torn countries.

Under U.S. Attorney General Holder’s “leadership”:

  • peace groups have been investigated solely because they organize protests. In fact, his own Department of Justice Inspector General’s report soundly criticized the FBI for improperly targeting domestic peace and anti-war groups for investigation.
  • the FBI has expanded its surveillance deep into the Arab and Muslim community – including every mosque in the U.S.! And there has been an increase in racial profiling of Arabs & Muslims.
  • he has defended the current director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, and recently asked Congress to extend Mueller’s term two more years, despite the Inspector General revealing that the FBI has systematically and illegally spied on political activists; that the FBI director lied to Congress about details of the surveillance; and that agents frequently confuse civil disobedience with “domestic terrorism”.

Come protest Holder’s attacks on the right to dissent!

Organized by the MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression

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