Dec 15: Report-back from Nat’l CSFR conference feat. Carlos Montes, Noor Elashi, Jess Sundin & more!

Report-back from National Committee to Stop FBI Repression conference

Thursday, Dec. 15
7:00 p.m.
Plymouth Congregational Church
1900 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Featuring Carlos Montes and Noor Elashi via skype!
Carlos Montes faces years in prison, based on COINTELPRO-style charges stemming from his anti-war and international solidarity activism.
Noor Elashi’s father, Ghassan Elashi, is one of the “Holy Land Five.” The Holy Land Foundation was one of the largest Muslim charities in the U.S. After a series of outrageously unjust court actions, her father is serving a 65-year sentence.

Stop ALL Witch Hunts!  EVEN NOW, Bush and Obama’s “Justice Departments” are investigating, subpoenaing, indicting, torturing, sentencing and imprisoning people for:

  • Providing Humanitarian Aid
  • International Union Solidarity
  • National Liberation Struggles
  • Anti-War Activism
  • Immigrant Rights and Immigration Legal Assistance
  • International Solidarity Work
  • Being Arab or Muslim
  • “Thought Crimes” (Really.)

We met with these people. We are these people. Serious and sobering information and updates were presented at the Nov. 5 conference in Chicago. We also formed new bonds for solidarity and resistance with Puerto Rican, Palestinian, Arab and Muslim fighters for justice, as well as other folks caught up in the U.S. criminal injustice system.  Come to this important report-back from the conference to hear about imprisoned activists and the dangerous issues we all face for exercising what we thought were our rights. Please join us as we share legal, prison, legislative and organizing updates. It will take a movement to turn this around, before more get hurt. Sponsored by the MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression

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