April 24-May 6 — Week+ of Solidarity with Carlos Montes!

Stop the Frame-Up: Carlos Montes Speaks Out!
Tuesday, April 24th @ 6pm @ La Raza Office, Coffman 2nd floor, U of M, Minneapolis

Carlos Montes is a veteran Chicano activist known for his leadership of the 1968 East Los Angeles education reform movement, the historic Chicano Moratorium against the U.S. war in Vietnam, and the recent immigrants’ rights mega-marches of 2006.  Carlos was a co-founder of the Brown Berets, a Chicano youth organization of the 1960’s with a 13-point program for peace, justice, equality, and self-determination.

With the 2003 Bush administration war and occupation of Iraq, Montes helped form and lead the L.A. Latinos Against War. In recent years, Carlos helped initiate and organize the Southern California Immigration Coalition, to fight against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and police repression.

Now Carlos is the target of government repression and the FBI’s dirty tricks. When the FBI raided homes and served subpoenas on September 24 2010, Carlos Montes’ name was listed on the FBI search warrant for the Anti-War Committee office in Minneapolis–the organizing center for the mass protests at the 2008 Republican National Convention, where Carlos participated.

Then on May 17, the LA Sheriffs broke down Carlos’ door, arrested him, and ransacked his home. They took political documents, a computer, cell phones and meeting notes having nothing to do with the charges pertaining to firearm ownership. The FBI attempted to question Carlos while he was handcuffed in a squad car, regarding the case of the 23 Midwest anti-war and solidarity activists.

Speakers include:  Carlos Montes, via Skype from Los Angeles, Anh Pham, one of the activists who’s home was raided on Sept 24, 2010 and was subpoenaed to a grand jury, and Louis Mendoza, Chair of the Chicano Studies Dept of the University of Minnesota Organized by:  La Raza Student Cultural Center (laraza@umn.edu) and Students for a Democratic Society (umnsds@gmail.com).

Solidarity with Carlos Montes Bannering

Wednesday, April 25th from 4:30-5:30 pm @ Bloomington Avenue & Lake Street, Minneapolis

Come help us do outreach about the FBI frame up of Carlos Montes, long time Los Angeles anti-war and immigrant rights activist, to the Twin Cities immigrant community and their supporters.  We’ll have flyers in English and in Spanish.  Organized by the MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

National Call in Day:  Call Holder and Obama to say “Stop the frame ups and hands off the anti-war movement!  Drop the charges against Carlos Montes!”

Thursday, April 26th – All Day Long!

Call President Obama at 202-456-1111 & Attorney General Eric Holder at 202-514-2001.  Demand: “Drop the charges now!  Stop the FBI Frame Up of Carlos Montes!”  Contact us and let us know how your calls went: info@stopFBI.net

.  The FBI wants to frame up Carlos Montes. At his next court hearing on Thursday, April 26 in Los Angeles, it is likely the trial day will be set for Carlos Montes.  The last court hearing date results were mixed, as we expected to obtain a more clear picture of how the FBI is driving the persecution of Carlos Montes based on his decades of political, human rights, and anti-war organizing.  For more info go to:  http://www.stopfbi.net/take-action/2012/4/6/april-26th-court-hearing-and-call-day.

Free Dinner for the Committee to Stop FBI Repression

Thursday, April 26th from 5:30 – 7pm @ Walker Church basement, 31st St & 16th Ave South, Minneapolis

Come get tasty food and an update on the fight back against political repression happening here and across the country.  We will be highlighting the work being done nationally by the Committee to Stop FBI Repression to defend Carlos Montes.  Come get a poster and buy a t-shirt to show your support for Carlos.  You are also invited to stay at 7pm for the CSFR meeting if you want to get involved and to volunteer with us for upcoming May Day events.  Vegan and gluten free food will be available.  Organized for the MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression.  FFI:  https://mnstopfbi.wordpress.com/.

March on May 1st:  International Workers Day for Immigrant & Workers Rights

Tuesday, May 1 @ 3:30 pm @ Lake Street & Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

Justice, Equality and Legalization for all, Workers united, Immigrants united, Unions united!  Come march in the Committee to Stop FBI Repression contingent.  Organized by the May 1st 2012 Coalition.

Powderhorn May Day Parade

Sunday, May 6th @ Cedar Field on 25th St & Cedar Ave @ 12:30 pm, march to Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis, MN

March with the Committee to Stop FBI Repression and help us publicize our work in defense of Carlos Montes and the 23 Midwest anti-war and international solidarity activists subpoenaed by the FBI.  This is one of our biggest outreach efforts of the year and we can use your help!  Please line up with us at Cedar Field and march with us in the Free Speech section of the parade.

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