MN CSFR: Vote NO Against the Marriage Amendment on November 6th, 2012!

Vote NO Against the Marriage Amendment on November 6th, 2012!

The Minnesota Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR) encourages all to vote NO against the anti-gay marriage amendment to the Minnesota constitution on November 6, 2012.  Now is a time for increasing the civil rights of Minnesotans and certainly not the time for putting discrimination into the state constitution! 

In 2010, 23 peace and international solidarity activists, many of whom are members of the LGBT community, were subpoenaed by the FBI in an outrageous fishing expedition to find evidence of “material support for terrorism.”  All 23 people have refused to testify.  This amendment debate in our state reminds us that the LGBT activists who are refusing to testify would be treated differently by the “justice” system because they aren’t in straight relationships that would be legally recognized. The MN CSFR stands for equality for all.

While the US government may think it can continue its McCarthyesque campaign of repression and harassment of activists, the CSFR is fighting for our right to work for change.  We are defending the basic democratic rights of free speech and dissent. These rights have been essential in the decades-long fight for LGBT equality, and these are rights we need for the struggle ahead. We are also defending the right to organize in solidarity with oppressed people and value the organizing being done in solidarity with queer communities and organizations around the world.  

Speaking Out and Solidarity Are NOT Crimes!
Vote NO in November and Take a Stand for Equality!

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