Action Alert: Say NO to political prosecution of anti-foreclosure protesters!

Action Alert: Say NO to political prosecution of anti-foreclosure protesters!

We need to stand up for the right to protest! 

  • Call and demand they drop ALL CHARGES on all anti-foreclosure protesters including the 4 people in the U.S. Bank action who are going to court on July 30th and those arrested at the Cruz home.

On October 20, 2011, hundreds of people participated in a demonstration in front of U.S. Bank in downtown Minneapolis to draw attention to the fact that over 25,000 Minnesotans lost their homes to foreclosure in 2010 alone.  7 people, including 2 members of the MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression, were arrested in the intersection in front of the bank and charged with “interfering with pedestrian and vehicular traffic.”  Four of them are scheduled to go to trial on July 30th, but on July 20th the prosecutors added 3 more charges (unlawful assembly, public nuisance and not complying with a “peace officer”)!

Nationally the Occupy movement is facing increasing police brutality, police infiltration, and trumped up charges.  Locally the Minneapolis city attorney’s office has decided to try to shut down the growing movement of people standing in solidarity with families struggling to save their homes from foreclosure by giving protesters outrageous charges.  For example, the city prosecutors have escalated charges on the 14 protesters who defended the Cruz family home on May 30th.  Prosecutors at the City Attorney’s office originally charged supporters with trespassing, but have now moved to significantly more serious charges including 3rd degree riot–a gross misdemeanor which carries a sentence of up to one year in prison and a $3,000 fine.

Adding more serious charges, particularly on the eve of trial, is one of the most common ways prosecutors try to intimidate people into taking plea deals.  This tactic is one of the cornerstones of the criminal legal systems that puts profit over people.  We cannot afford to let this machine attack our movement by further targeting those who have been arrested while fighting for justice.  The city of Minneapolis is  clearly trying to scare people from standing in solidarity with people being thrown out of their own homes.  Solidarity is not a crime! The foreclosure crisis is a central issue in the U.S. economic crisis.  We must stand with these activists and show the city that we won’t be intimated into inaction while people continue to lose their homes to the banks!

MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression **

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