Aug 30: Solidarity Against State Repression: A rally in solidarity with Northwest/Midwest grand jury resistors and local Occupy Homes organizers

Solidarity Against State Repression

A rally in solidarity with Northwest/Midwest grand jury resistors and local Occupy Homes organizers.
August 30th
City Hall (350 S 5th St)

Come out on 8/30 to show resistance to state repression and let our friends know that we support them in these difficult times. From the Midwest to the Northwest, let’s create a culture of resistance by showing solidarity with those who have their backs against the wall.

A federal grand jury has convened in Seattle and already four people in the Pacific Northwest have been subpoenaed to testify against their comrades. The subpoenaed comrades have boldly refused to cooperate with the grand jury, potentially facing jail time for doing so. For more information about Northwest grand jury resistance, check out:

Local comrades in the Midwest are also currently engaged in grand jury resistance. For more information, check out


During several incidents over the period of a month, 37 peaceful community activists and Occupy Homes MN supporters have been arrested for defending the Cruz family home from foreclosure. Now the city is choosing to criminalize community organizing by prosecuting those who stood up for their neighbors.

In a flagrant act of intimidation, the city prosecutors have escalated charges on 14 supporters following peaceful arrests defending the Cruz family home on May 30th. After a group of peaceful protesters sat on the front stoop of 4044 Cedar Ave, linking arms, fourteen were arrested. Prosecutors at the City Attorney’s office originally charged the group of Cruz family supporters with trespassing, and have now moved to significantly more serious charges including 3rd degree riot–a gross misdemeanor which carries a sentence of up to one year in prison and a $3,000 fine.

Instead of prosecuting the criminal fraud of the bankers that crashed the economy, or working to give relief to families devastated by the foreclosure crisis, our tax dollars are being spent to evict families at the banks’ behest, and to intimidate and prosecute neighbors fighting to keep more vacant homes out of their communities.

We demand that:

-All charges against community members defending the Cruz family home be dropped.
-All police, including Chief Dolan, who used violence against peaceful protesters be formally disciplined.
-No more public resources be used to help banks evict our neighbors!

-Not another empty home—not another homeless family!

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