11/29: Informational Forum: Who are the Holy Land Five?

Come learn more about the Holy Land Five
Who are the Holy Land Five and why are they in U.S. prisons for 15 to 65 years for sending charity to Palestine?

The Holy Land 5 were the directors of the Holy Land Foundation — the largest Muslim charity in the U.S. They were imprisoned under the ‘material support for terrorism’ laws which were vastly expanded post 9-11. They were never alleged to have funded any group on the “terrorist list.” So why are they in prison for decades?

We’ll have video & speakers about the Holy Land 5 & about the Anti-War 23
And join us for letter-writing to the Holy Land Five and other U.S. political prisoners.

MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression
StopFBI.net | MNStopFBI.wordpress.com

Flyer PDF

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