The MN Peace Action Coalition Stands with Rasmea Odeh

The Minnesota Peace Action Coalition (MPAC) condemns the politically-motivated attack on Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinian community leader arrested in her Chicago home on October 22, 2013, by agents of the Department of Homeland Security for the alleged “crime” of immigration fraud.  Odeh was imprisoned and tortured by Israeli authorities in the 1970s and it is shameful that the US government would use the events of 40 years ago in Palestine as the basis to imprison in the US today. 

The case against Odeh is not about immigration, but an attempt to silence her, to cut short her important community organizing, and to suppress Palestine activism. She has said, “War and occupation in our home countries leads to political and legislative attacks on us here. So we must advocate and organize within our community to affect change and make our voices heard.”

The attack on Rasmea Odeh, much like the 2010 FBI raids and ongoing grand jury investigation of 23 Midwest anti-war activists, including individuals who organize with our coalition, are a clear signal that the US government is working to intimidate and silence voices of dissent.

MPAC stands with Rasmea Odeh, and with the Anti-War 23. This attack is another example of the continuing repression of Palestinians and people who stand in solidarity with them. These US government actions serve to enforce the Israeli occupation of Palestine.  

We ask all those who have stood with us against the government attack on the Anti-War 23, to stand with us today to support Rasmea Odeh. We encourage all of our supporters to demand that US Attorney Barbara McQuade Drop the Charges Against Rasmea Odeh!

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