May 31 – 7-9pm – Houseparty for Rasmea!

Houseparty for Rasmea Odeh!

20140531_Houseparty_for_RasmeaSaturday, May 31st from 7-9 pm at the home of Sarah Martin, 622 8th Ave. S.E.  Mpls 55414

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On June 10th Chicago community leader Rasmea Odeh’s trial is scheduled to begin in Detroit and we want to be there to stand in solidarity with her to protest this injustice!

Despite months of Rasmea Defense Committee organizing in Chicago and across the nation, the U.S. government refuses to drop its case against Rasmea, who they are alleging lied on an immigration application she filled out 20 years ago.  If found guilty, she could face up to ten years in federal prison, an immediate revocation of her citizenship, and then deportation from the United States.

The charge against Rasmea is nothing but another political attack by the U.S. government, meant to defame and criminalize another Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim leader who has dedicated her life to the empowerment of her people, as well as to intimidate and repress entire communities that are organizing for justice and liberation.  She was brutally tortured into a confession by the Israelis 45 years ago, and now the U.S. is trying to brutalize her once again.

After giving so much of her life to others, Rasmea now needs our support.  We have already received statements of support from over 100 organizations, and more than 3,000 people have signed the online petition for Rasmea.

The attack on Rasmea is an extension of the attack on local anti-war and international solidarity activists. We have seen this before, two years ago when the government targeted Chicano community leader Carlos Montes. Through dedicated organizing we were able to keep Carlos out of jail and instead doing the important community work he still does today.

The MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression is organizing for folks attend her trial and to do community organizing.  Please come to our houseparty to learn more about Rasmea’s case and what you can do to help.  There will be a cash bar and a pitch for donations. All donations will go to fund Minnesotans travel to Detriot and Rasmea’s legal defense.

Organized by the MN Committee to Stop FBI Repression.
For more information about her case go to

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